Notes: OpenCL on Fedora 13

To setup NVIDIA drivers on Fedora 13, and to install OpenCL libraries.

NVIDIA drivers:

Followed this guide.

  1. No need to run in level 3. Open terminal, login as root, append
    rdblacklist=nouveau nomodeset
    to the end of the line starting with kernel in the file /etc/grub.conf.
  2. Then simply:
    yum install kmod-nvidia
  3. Reboot, and after booting in text mode the driver should kick in and X will work normally. Check 3D acceleration is available by enabling Desktop Effects in System > Preferences

OpenCL libraries

  1. Download the developer drivers for linux here.
  2. Install linux kernel source rpm:
    yum install kernel-devel
  3. Enter run level 3, and install after Ctrl+Alt+F2:
    telinit 3
    chmod 755

After the reboot there were no problems, and the CL folder now existed in /usr/include/. However, it may be that installing the NVIDIA drivers first is not necessary, not sure if doing it this way causes the driver to be installed twice.

Typing and design by Gib Hemani

2010-07-05 20:57:09

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