A Rollins in the Wry

Henry Rollins knows what it's like to be in a PhD supervisor meeting, this is the blurb from a Henry Rollins CD inlay.

I remember cold water being splashed on my face and the harsh light of a bare bulb burning my eyes. I tried to cover my eyes but couldn't move my hands; I looked down and saw that they had been duct-taped to the arms of a chair. I immediately relaxed; it was just another 'meeting with management'.

My manager, Richard *he'll do it* Bishop, spoke from behind the glare, "My gulfstream needs new carpeting. I have booked a series of talking shows for you at Luna Park here in town. You will appear one night a week for the next 9 weeks. This will be good for you, a local artist playing locally, that kind of thing. These stiffs will think you really care. What a joke".

"But Mr Bishop," I replied, "I'm tired from the nonstop touring and all the work I've been doing on your property lately. With the 16 hour days pruning your orange groves and picking grapes in your vineyards, I am totally exhausted. Please, I'm low on material, let me rest".

I heard a short laugh and saw my manager jerk his head to one side. A large shape moved to my left, I caught the back of a hand hard across my face. "You'll do what I say, when I say or I'll move that cardboard box you're living in further downtown. Get this trash out of my office!"

I was, chair and all, removed from the office and hurled out onto the street, signalling the end of the meeting. The resulting CD is taken from a few of the aforementioned nights at the wonderful Luna Park.

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2010-02-20 16:10:38

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